The Apison area is in one of the fastest growing areas of Tennessee. With the urban sprawl, farm acreage is quickly being gobbled up by homeowners desiring more space, and developers that are creating large subdivisions within the beautiful rolling hills. New schools , road expansions, stores and employment make for a perfect storm of growth. Young families are realizing the value of the established housing that is becoming available as our empty nesters are trading in their large plats for easier to maintain smaller options. 

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There are also some new subdivisions going up for those desiring the close neighbor suburban life. 


Prairie Pass - www.Prairiepass.com

Bungalows from $190,000  Single Family Homes from $230,000

(423) 595-8364  Gina Sakich


Hawks Landing

Cottages from $190,000  Single Family Homes $250,000

(423) 227-5564  Geoff Ramsey