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2016 Apison Pike Expansion Update

TDOT has released the latest in the schedule plan for the widening of Apison Pike. As a reminder Phase 3 is from 4 corners to Layton rd (Near Collegedale Airport). And Phase 4 is from Layton road to East Brainerd Rd. 

TDOT is issuing Right-Of-Way plans for phase 3 in the Fall of this year (Probably around October). TDOT is currently working on getting approval for the plan from the Greenway System (Park areas along Apison Pike). The plan is to keep the Greenway open during the road construction. After all plans have been approved by affected communities, construction will begin approximately 2 years after approved Right-Of-Way plans have been issued. So the soonest would be late 2018.

Preparation of the Right-Of-Way acquisition for Phase 4 are just getting underway now. Plans to be expected right now around June 2017. With no Greenway issues along the Phase 4 stretch, will probably shorten the plan approval time. Although Phase 4 will not be started until Phase 3 is complete.