Apison Pike 2013

Mr. Robert Rodgers of TDOT was able to make time during his busy day to explain the process and progression of the Apison Pike widening project. The first phase of the project at Interstate 75 has already been completed, and phase 2 is already in the property acquisition phase, with construction to begin in late 2014. Phase 2 widens the road from Old Lee Highway to just past Four Corners at Ooltewah-Ringgold Rd. Phases 3 and 4 are the stages that affect Apison the most. (Click on images to see them larger)


The widening will provide 2 lanes in each direction with a turn lane in the middle, 4 foot bike lanes on each side, and 5 foot sidewalks with curbs on each side. Those areas already designated as greenway will also have a 10 foot wide paved path provided.

Phase 3

Phase 3 will take the project from the Four Corners (in front of McKee Credit Union) east to Layton rd, which is just east of the Collegedale airport. processing for Phase 3 will start late 2014 , and appraisers will begin going thru that area during 2015. Construction forecasted to begin in 2016.

Areas in violet are bridges, red dark lines are retaining walls, light green shading on sides of roads are where grading will be necessary to match elevation.

Notice the change to the bend over the railroad tracks here on University drive. Also notice the change to the access to the park on Tallant rd. Modifications are being planned so people to the north can access the park easily.

 Changes here will have Tallant Rd meeting up with Apison Pike further east and a round-a-bout will be constructed.

Phase 4

This phase is from Layton road (just east of Collegedale airport) to East Brainerd rd (or Bates rd). This section will narrow down to 2 lanes with a center turn lane and still have the the sidewalks, curbs, and bike lanes. Look for this phase to be sent out for appraisals in late 2016, and appraisals to start in 2017. Construction forecasted to begin in 2018. There will be a great deal more purchased homes/property along this stretch of the project. 

Notice McDonald rd intersection will meet Apison Pike further west and more of a 90 degree angle. Most homes on the north side of Apison Pike will need to be purchased by the State.